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Do I need a PayPal Account to make purchases on your site?

Absolutely not!  PayPal is our secure payment processor, but you can make purchases with your regular Visa, Mastercard or American Express card.  You do NOT need a PayPal account. 

Of course, if you have a PayPal account and wish to use it for your purchase, we support that as well.

What information should be engraved on the pet tag?

We recommend a minimalistic approach.  Your pet's name and a contact phone number is all that is really needed.  If an area code is required, we recommend that you format it as 555-555-5555 rather than (555) 555-5555.  This makes for a more legible engraving.  The less letters you put on your pet tag, the larger the text will be. 

How will I know what the engraving will look like?

Different materials will produce different results.  For example, a stainless steel tag will have a crisp, polished look, whereas a pewter tag will have a more rustic appearance.  There are pictures in our product catalogue which show samples of the engraved tags.   

All text is centred and engraved in a block font. The fewer letters there are to engrave, the larger and more clear the text will be.


Will my tag look EXACTLY as it appears on the website?

Many of our tags are hand crafted so there may be slight variations from what is pictured on the website.   Photographic lighting can affect the appearance of an item.  We have done our best to ensure that our product images are as true to life as possible.  The colour adjustment of your individual computer display can be another factor.  

PetBling.ca's head writer does her best to accurately describe each tag.  You can always email yvonne@petbling.ca if you have more questions about the appearance of our tags.  


How can I preserve the appearance of my tag?

You can help to protect the finish of your new ID tag by ensuring that it does not come into contact with other tags (rabies, license, etc.) on your pet's collar.  

Over time, repeated clanking may cause excess scratching to the surface of some of our enamel painted tags.  You can use additional split rings to lower the ID tag.  Not only will this prolong the life of the tag, it will also make less noise and will better show off your pet's new tag.  

Tell us how many additional split rings you need, in the special instructions box on the order page, and we'll be happy to include them with your order free of charge!

Over time, all metal will scratch and tarnish.  Fine scratches on metal tags are the result of normal wear and tear and are to be expected.  


How long before my order arrives?

We know that you and your dog are excited to receive your order from PetBling.ca!  We do our best to process your order within 24 hours.  You will receive an email confirmation as soon as your order has been shipped.  All items are sent via Canada Post Lettermail.  Canada Post standard delivery time is typically less than 5 business days.

We cannot guarantee delivery times, however, if you haven't received your items within 10 business days of getting our shipping confirmation email, please contact customerservice@petbling.ca.


What are your tags made from?

The material varies by tag and is usually listed in the tag descriptions.  All of our tags are lead free. 


Do you carry more than just Pet Tags?

Yes.  We are continually expanding our product line.  I addition to Pet ID Tags, we also carry Designer Dog Collars.


Can I order from PetBling.ca if I don't live in Canada?

At the current time, our website only offers shipping within Canada.  If you'd like to place an order, please contact customerservice@petbling.ca for details.

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